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“The world is like us and them, and whoever is them is not human, humans can only be
among us. Those belonging to them can be beaten like animals, they can be killed, for their
annihilation is not murder or manslaughter.”
Director Károly Hoffer read an article about Irena Sendler and the children she rescued, all
those that “had died in order to live again afterwards.” History put Sendler in an impossible
situation where she had to decide the fate of people: to determine how long the little ones
were in a state of suspended animation, and where they would be deemed alive once again.
This, actually, is what puppeteering is about: to move a puppet which seems lifeless as soon
as we let it loose.
There is a war. Everyone is exposed to this situation, quite regardless of which side they are
on. And then there is a woman with a personal history, and while she is evidently influenced
by the circumstances, it is with herself that she has to make accounts. Háy formulates this
brilliantly: “I was shoved into my cell, the door locked. I got back to the tightest place, than
which the body alone is tighter, and then our own mind, whose walls nobody can
penetrate… From the prison of consciousness, there is no way out.”
But again, this work is not the story of Irena Sendler, whose life merely inspired the
presentation of a far more general story. The lead actor plays/moves a dozen or so
characters in the play. Thus the days spent in prison and the erstwhile deeds are recalled and
Written by János Háy
Dramaturg: Dóra Gimesi
Musical accompaniment: Gábor Presser
Designed and directed by Károly Hoffer
Performed by Mara Pallai
Production: Budapest Puppet Theatre • 16+

May 13 2019


Date: May 13
Time: 19:30 - 20:30
Cost: 2500Ft



5 Kossuth Lajos Street
Győr, Magyarország