Miklós Paizs: Don Giovanni – finger puppet opera

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Miklós Paizs: Don Giovanni – finger puppet opera

Single performer show in 3 hours, accompanied by a string quartet


‘It would be too cheap to whine about the official Opera, out of how many millions it cannot present a valid Don Giovanni and this performance, made up of donations has an affection even if it is heard from the next room. Let’s just say, that not even those who haven’t seen this version will forget it.’ – Miklós Fáy


‘I recommend it to everyone, its simple genial what Miklós Paizs and the string quartet is doing. Mozart’s opera is wisely, funnily and bravely reborn on his voice and hands.

So many registers, feelings and experience thicken in the play of Miklós Paizs, it is by words indescribable. His face and hands fill the stage for three hours, and when the opera’s finale has come to an end, my only desire was to see the show again. Miklós Paizs’s art work is a perfect theatre, great and memorable experience. Unfortunately, it can be seen very rarely, but don’t miss it if you have a chance.’- Gábor Schein


Miklós Paizs – recite, singing, puppetry

Ágnes Kertész – violin music on gut strings

Ildikó Hadházy – violin on gut strings

Panni Szabó – viola on gut strings

Endre Kertész – cello
We recommend the performance only for viewers over the age of 16.

May 10 2018


Date: May 10
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Cost: 3500FT


Menház kamaraszínpad

Kossuth Lajos u. 24.
Győr, Magyarország